Citra Blue St Augustine

Citra Blue St. Augustine Turfgrass King Ranch Florida Turfgrass

Citra Blue St. Augustine

Buy Citra Blue St Augustine grass from King Ranch Florida Turfgrass.  Citra Blue St Augustine grass is grown at King Ranch Florida Turfgrass and is suitable for residential estate homes and property as well as commercial and municipalities in South Florida. It is a superior St. Augustine turfgrass in every way. Citra Blue St. Augustine Turfgrass is highly competitive against weeds because of the dense, more compact canopy. This turfgrass has a distinctive blue-green color that performs well on both muck and sandy soils. Citra Blue St. Augustine Turfgrass has a fast grow-in rate.

  1. Maintenance & Quality
    High Seed Head Formation Moderate Fertilizing Frequency Weekly – Rotary Mower Frequency
    Course Leaf Texture Blue-Green Color Mowing Height: 3.5″ – 4″
  2. Intended Use
    Commercial Golf Residential Sports
  3. Performance
    Drought Tolerance Salt Tolerance
    Fall Color Retention Wear Resistance
    Spring Green Up Weed Resistance
    Injury Recovery Shade Tolerance
  4. Insect & Disease Tolerance
    Sod Web Worms Decline Virus
    Chinch Bugs Brown Patch
    Fall Army Worms Grey Leaf Spot
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