Top 5 Varieties of Weed-Resistant Turfgrass

There are a number of factors to be considered when picking out which variety of grass will be used in your landscaping project. How the grass fares against weeds is one of those factors. There are the top varieties of weed-resistant turfgrass that we grow at King Ranch Florida Turfgrass.

Bahia Grass

Bahia grass is a deep-rooted perennial that can thrive in a lot of different soil conditions. It has a coarser texture than some varieties, but Bahia is a survivor. It does very well against drought and in infertile soils. It is a popular choice for both residential and commercial uses. Bahia gets a 5-star rating for its weed resistance.

Citra Blue St. Augustine

The Citra Blue St. Augustine turfgrass has a distinctive blue-green color and is popular for use on golf courses and sports fields, as well as for residential and commercial uses. Citra Blue has a dense, compact canopy, which helps it compete against weeds. It also fares well against wear and has a high drought tolerance. This turfgrass, with its fast grow-in rate, gets a 5-star rating on weed resistance.

Floratam St. Augustine

Originally bred to combat chinch bug and SAD virus, this grass is also very resistant to drought and many other diseases and pests. This hardy and coarse-textured grass has blades that are longer and wider than most St. Augustine grasses. Popular in residential and commercial applications, Floratam St. Augustine scores a 5-star rating for being a weed-resistant turfgrass.

Palmetto St. Augustine

The medium-coarse Palmetto St. Augustine is known for its beautiful emerald color. This grass is popular for commercial and residential applications because it is a hardy grass that tolerates both heat and cold very well. It also handles drought very well. This grass takes minimal maintenance and can do well in a wide variety of conditions and soil types. Palmetto St. Augustine also scores 5 stars for its weed resistance.

Provista St. Augustine

The Provista St. Augustine variety of turfgrass was engineered for weed resistance. It is the first genetically modified turfgrass that is glyphosate-tolerant. This means that common weedkillers will not damage the grass. This helps make it a popular choice not only for residential applications but for commercial and HOA’s as well. This deep green-colored turfgrass is slow-growing and its dense growth and excellent uniformity ensure it will remain popular. In addition to its 5-star weed resistance, it is very tolerant of common diseases and pests.

King Ranch Florida Turfgrass is a full-cycle operation. We not only grow and harvest our different varieties of grass, but we will deliver and install your new grass as well. King Ranch Florida Turfgrass is proud of the environmentally-conscious “best management practices” farming policies it has implemented throughout its Florida operations.  Contact us if you have questions about which variety of turfgrass will meet your needs and our experts will be happy to help you out.