Turfgrass Varieties That Require Moderate Mowing Frequency

Not all turfgrass varieties are created equal. Some are more tolerant of shade or salt. Others may be more weed resistant than others. One factor to consider before choosing which variety of sod you are going to put down on your next project should be mowing frequency. Some require a lot of maintenance, but these varieties need to be mowed less often.

Celebration Bermudagrass

Low growing patterns and tough runners make Celebration require less mowing than many of the other Bermudagrass varieties. This dark blue-green grass is strong and very wear-resistant. Originally bred in Australia, Celebration doesn’t do as well in shade, but does tolerate salt well. It requires moderate mowing frequency and can be done with a rotary mower.

Empire Zoysia

Another variety that requires only moderate mowing frequency is Empire Zoysia. This is a hearty, lower-maintenance turfgrass that has a soft feel. This variety is frequently used for residential and estate applications because it has great wearability and is weed resistant. Its blue-green color and fine, tight blade growth are desirable characteristics. Empire Zoysia is also highly herbicide tolerant. It can be mowed with a rotary mower.

Latitude 36 Bermudagrass

This variety is extremely tolerant of high amounts of traffic but still remains soft to the touch. It resists drought and disease very well. The high tensile strength and soft feel make it an industry favorite for sports stadiums and golf courses. Latitude 36 can be mowed with a rotary mower and requires moderate mowing frequency. It is well suited for residential and commercial applications.

Provista St. Augustine

Provista St Augustine is an excellent turfgrass for both commercial applications, HOA’s and residential lawns. This is a genetically modified turfgrass that is glyphosate-tolerant, meaning that it is not damaged by common weedkillers. This grass grows very dense and has excellent uniformity. Provista St. Augustine is a deep green-colored turfgrass and is slow-growing. We recommend it only be mowed about 20 times a year.

Zorro Zoysia

Zorro is the #1 ranked zoysia grass in America for good reason. This fine-bladed grass is very tolerant of traffic and recovers quickly, making it popular for both residential and commercial applications. This grass is highly rated for shade tolerance, drought tolerance and wear resistance. It is very popular for residential, commercial and sports applications. This hearty turfgrass requires moderate mowing frequency.

King Ranch Florida Turfgrass is a full-cycle operation. We not only grow and harvest our different varieties of grass, but we will deliver and install your new grass as well. King Ranch Florida Turfgrass is proud of the environmentally-conscious “best management practices” farming policies it has implemented throughout its Florida operations.  Contact us if you have questions about which variety of turfgrass will meet your needs.